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Michael Chaput

Michael Chaput is one of the aircraft ground deicing industry’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the areas of aircraft de/anti-icing fluids, deicing research and development, deicing optimization, operations, quality assurance and new technology implementation.

Prior to taking on the leadership role at SureWx in 2011, Michael was a leading consultant for numerous international airports and air carriers, providing cutting-edge professional services related to winter resilience, business optimization and transformation, and master planning. Michael also previously held several executive and senior management positions with aviation and technology firms, and managed a wide range of high-level aviation research and development projects over a 15-year period for Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Michael currently sits on numerous global aviation industry committees and workgroups and has authored countless published reports, studies and papers on aviation winter operations. He remains one of the industry’s most recognizable presenters at global conferences and meetings. Michael is a pioneer in the area of the aircraft de/anti-icing fluid holdover times and in the measurement and dissemination of electronic holdover times for flight deck applications.

Michael is excited to expand the reach of the overall SureWx brand and to launch SureConsult with the objective of providing innovative and cost-effective business solutions and professional services to increase the efficiency and safety of the air operations on the global scale.


Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is a recognized leader in the aircraft deicing industry and subject matter expert in airline ground icing programs, standards and procedures, process development, operations, training and quality assurance.

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Ian has worked in the airline business for over 37 years with managerial experience in ground icing program development, including process and procedures development, training and quality assurance. He also has managerial experience in airline ground handling, process and procedures development, cargo operations, airport operations, marketing, safety, charter sales and operations, passenger handling and employee empowerment program implementation.

For the past 13 years, Ian managed the ground-icing program for a major Canadian airline and was responsible for ground icing standards and procedures, training and quality assurance. He has been an SAE voting member and contributor to various committees and standards documents. He is also a member of the Transport Canada Standing Committee for Operations Under Ground Icing Conditions and a contributing author to the Transport Canada document TP14052, Guidelines for Ground Icing Operations and is a past Chairperson of the Airline Consultative Committee Deicing Committee.

Ian is a believer in the continuous improvement philosophy and quality process cycle. His experience in auditing ground icing programs and operations in numerous airports in Canada and the United States has given him unique industry insight into the relationship between written standards and procedures and their actual operational impact and allowed him to lead practical improvement in both.


Juha Fieandt

Juha Fieandt holds an MSc in Air Transport Management and is recognized internationally as one of the leading aircraft ground deicing and winter operations experts.

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During an aviation career that has spanned over 25 years, Juha gained wide-ranging experience in flight operations as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, and in aircraft technical operations as a licensed aircraft mechanic. Juha held various senior management roles in aircraft ground handling, aircraft deicing and quality assurance, and was the former Director Deicing and Quality within Finnair's Ground Handling department.

Over the years, Juha has maintained several international commitments and responsibilities. He was the former Chair of the IATA De/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP), and has vast experience as a DAQCP Auditor and ISO Lead Auditor. He established the first IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) approval for a Nordic ground handling company. Juha was also the founder of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) De/Anti-icing Training Recommendations, and has active involvement in other global organizations such as SAE G-12 Deicing Committee, which develops global standards.

Juha is a consummate professional of uncompromising integrity and is respected for his forward and outside-the-box thinking. In recent years, he has focused efforts on the development and implementation of standardized global processes for training and quality, and on targeted research and development to uncover solutions to existing and future problems.

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